ifi LAN iSilencer

I discovered this Ethernet signal purifier for network audio streamers, just by chance, while surfing the internet.  I have an extremely highly resolving hifi system.  After reading all the positive customer comments and reviews, I said to myself, what the heck, only 89 bucks, let's go for it.  After receiving the ifi, as recommended, I plugged it into my audio switch, then plugged one end of the ethernet cable into it, and plugged the other end of that ethernet cable into my DAC/Streamer.  Now, I already have a variety of audio tweaks throughout my system, including my speakers.  But when I added the ifi, the background got even deeper, darker and blacker.  It was absolutely amazing!!!  This little gizmo worked exactly as advertised!!!  Highly recommended.         


I implemented this into my system and I had the same experience as the OP. I have this connected to my router prior to my Small Green Computer i9 Optical to Sonore OpticalRendu. There has been some debate whether this would bring an improvement prior to optical isolation. Well it worked in my case and it is staying put.

I tried a bunch included Sonore , uptone 

jays audio sells the SW 8 Thst has linear power supplies, low noise regulators 

and a Over controlled clock it is very respectable at just under $600 

and takes about 300 hours to fully runin , always use at least a pangea or better power cord , and the Synergistic purple fuse made it better still.

I have similar case upgrade on my modem and Wi-Fi router, it's upgrade the PSU iFi iPower-X for modem & router each. I can hear the music improvement on soundstage, airy, realistic. 😏😎

Does anyone have thoughts as to whether an Ifi LAN silencer would be useful between a EtherRegen and an Ifi Zen streamer ?

Never tried iFi LAN purifier. I use Network Acoustics Eno filter and it made a very nice improvement. Similar concept I’m sure.

@j_andrews try it but…the streamer quality may be your bottleneck. I would not go crazy investing in filters but instead would eventually upgrade to a better streamer.