ifi LAN iSilencer

I discovered this Ethernet signal purifier for network audio streamers, just by chance, while surfing the internet.  I have an extremely highly resolving hifi system.  After reading all the positive customer comments and reviews, I said to myself, what the heck, only 89 bucks, let's go for it.  After receiving the ifi, as recommended, I plugged it into my audio switch, then plugged one end of the ethernet cable into it, and plugged the other end of that ethernet cable into my DAC/Streamer.  Now, I already have a variety of audio tweaks throughout my system, including my speakers.  But when I added the ifi, the background got even deeper, darker and blacker.  It was absolutely amazing!!!  This little gizmo worked exactly as advertised!!!  Highly recommended.         


@lalitk  Here's a list of the tweaks that I have in my network chain and throughout my system:  3x iFi LAN iSilencers, 3x Puron AC Line Conditioners, Bybee Technologies Crystal Series Speaker Bullets, Upgraded Audioquest Wall Outlet, and various Vibrapod cones and discs under all my components, including my Pakedge Switch.  All the above listed tweaks work together to produce a wonderful improvement in SQ in my audio system.  Happy listening.       

In my system (Auralic Aries Femto connected to the internet via an Audioquest Forest Ethernet cable), I find that the iFi silencer degrades performance. It strips some of the emotion in music. Has anyone else observed this effect? Is there a break-in time before the silencer loosens up and allows the music to flow again?

@davetheoilguy Please provide a link to the $13.99 device on Amazon you speak of. I can't find it when I searched for "LAN galvanic isolator" as you suggested.

@boucher in my system I prefer the iSiliencer between the EERO node and the Purist Audio cat7 Ethernet cable that’s plugged into my streamer. 
A lot of variables here though…quality of your streamer and how well the network section of it is isolated, Ethernet cable quality, the rest of your system. The difference the iSilemcer makes in my system is minimal and on some material extremely hard to even detect in an A/B comparison. Give it couple of weeks and if it doesn’t improve send it back if you still can. 


Interestingly, the search results are all different now under that key phrase.

You can still search “Ethernet galvanic isolator” and get good results but “LAN galvanic Isolator”’ gets you to iFi products.  Their marketing guy is clearly savvy and reads internet boards.

Try “Tupavco Ethernet Surge Protector”.  It’s $31 and much nicer with an external ground wire and stronger protection.

The $13 kind are still all over the internet, but they’re at medical supply or Walmart or the like.  

Or thr back floorboard of my wife’s Land Rover.  I think she had about 50 laying there.  Each patient gets 3-4.