IFI ZEN Streamer

Isn't this streamer must accept everything from usb flash?

I mean from 16/44 till DSD 256?


My Stream plays all sample rates including DSD. I use JRiver. It was not easy to get it configured, but once it was set up properly the sound quality is excellent. Adding an inexpensive d-link dgs-105 switch boosted the sound quality even more.


How did you get JRiver configured properly. Is there a guide somewhere that you used?

I'm curious how the switch you mention improved sound quality.  Did it replace a switch of lesser quality that caused jitter or noise?

Question to ifi Zen Stream owners/users.

My DAC is a max 24/96.

Can I play my DSD files using this streamer and my DAC?

Is there a conversion down to 24/96? Should be in their app I guess.


I also use a ZS with a 24/96 max Dac. You can do it in the Qobuz app (if you are using Qobuz) or in the Mconnect app.