Ikeda 9GSS cartridge compliance


One of the cartridges I may be interested in is the Ikeda 9GSS. The specs for the dynamic compliance is listed at 10 X 10-6cm/dyne. Does anyone know if that is rated at 10hz or 100hz? It makes a big difference. Some Japanese cartridge manufacturers usually rate them at 100hz but some also rate them at 10hz. I would like to know. 

Does anyone own this cartridge and if so what tonearm are you using it with? Thank you.

So Mijo, you would ignore the resonant frequency issue and go with a low mass tonearm regardless of cartridge compliance? That’s basically what you inferred. What happened to the sports car vs truck suspension analogy?
I forgot to mention, there is nothing wrong with step up transformers. If you have a phono stage that you like the best thing to do is install naked but shielded transformers inside the phono stage. You can add a switch to switch them in or out of the circuit. Personally I do not like switches an other controls in the cartridges signal path. I only ever keep one cartridge installed, the one I like best. So, I will go in and move two wires. Might take me 10 minutes total. I have an ARC PH3 SE which I adore. But, it only has 54 dB of gain which is not enough for many cartridges. I installed two Sowter mono phono transformers and they sound great. Doing it this way results in a quieter situation and it avoids another interconnect and two connections in the signal path. Rt now I have a high output Soundsmith cartridge so the transformers are disconnected. I would very much like to try an ultra low impedance cartridge with a current mode phono stage but I just spent all my Hi Fi money for the year.
Maybe next year:-)
@lewm , you know me well enough to know I would never do that. You have to use more compliant cartridges. Running with a high resonance frequency begs for feedback and bass tracking problems. But, I will always go for the lighter arm as long as it is very stiff and has only 2 degrees of freedom. The Schroder CB, Reed 2G and Tri-Planar are examples of arms I would buy, all 9 inch versions. If you have to add a little mass to get things just right so be it. 

Thanks for the heads up on the Ikeda 9” arm, much appreciated.

I’m a big fan of buying brand new, I’m also a big believer in having a factory warranty. When you buy an item on the internet and it’s used, you just never know what you’re going to get. That’s just what I’m comfortable with. 

Take care

I agree with you, I’m leaning towards the 9” 4point arm. From a microscopic point of view, less moving parts to vibrate = less resonance. A lot of people feel it’s their best sounding arm. 

To check SRA, is the only way to do this with a usb microscope and the correct software on a computer? Which 4point would you get, the one that is wired with the Cardas Clear, Kondo silver, Crystal cable silver coated copper or Crystal pure silver wire? As though it wasn’t confusing enough! Good luck hearing any of them. 

The table is still up for grabs. The ones I’m looking at are the AMG V12 (can’t afford the Forte), the VPI direct drive HW-40, the REAL 101.3, the better Feikert tables and the Acoustic Signature NEO either Hurricane or Typhoon models. The concern with the Acoustic Signature and the Feikert tables both mount their multiple motors within the plinth, seems like a lot to vibrate, that scares me. Too many great choices out there nowadays. Not an easy decision. 

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