iMac no longer reading/playing CDs

Have any other Mac owners experienced this? Is is repairable? At this point I cannot even run a CD cleaner disc through the iMac.
Apple uses a cheap drive in their computers. When mine went out in my Mac Mini I just bought an external drive.
" iMac no longer reading/playing CDs"

Happened to my iMac, also no writing to CDRs. Needs a new disc drive.
Thanks for the replies - Mingles, no it is long out of the warranty period (2008). From the comments from Tan43 and Lowrider57 it seems that my best is to forget the idea of repairs and just get the disc drive.
The drives in iMacs, Macbooks and most laptops from other manufacturers are designed for small size, not durability. It can be replaced but as Tan43 suggests, a better, cheaper alternative is to get an external drive, especially with an iMac where portability isn't an issue.
The apple store is willing to put a new drive in my Mac mini (2009) for $80. I've decided we don't use the cd drive enough to warrant getting it replaced.