Import to Canada from USA

Does anybody know if I must pay GST to ship USED audio gear into Canada? I called fedex and they had no clue, which was surprising to me, for some reason I thought that shipping stuff was the company's primary source of income. Now, I can't help but wonder, what are all those planes for. My second option was to give my "speaker" money to a lawyer to descipher the Canada Customs website...NO THANKS!!! So now I am here hoping one of you can shed some light on this subject. Thanks for any input.

Sadly this is the case . GST must be paid on any product imported . Be careful to have shipper exclude the cost of freight from the selling declared price or you shall be paying GST on that as well .

Off make products made in some countries could also be subject to duties , Canada customs can supply info.

Be aware that Fedex and UPS charge brokerage on a sliding scale meaning the brokerage fees increase with the value of the item imported . So in addition to GST you will have up to $85 brokerage on the first $1000 . If you are in any province but Alberta , PST also applies and this is all based on a converted US to Canadian dollar .

For the above reasons using USPS is the wisest choice with $8.00 Customs Brokerage from Canada Post .

Hope this helps.

Yes, the custom will charge GST on the value of the products. You should contact the custom department to find more. For example, I bought $100US cables, the exchange rate would be $130Can and they tax the GST on this amount. Fedex, however charge the brokage fee stupidly high. I bought 2 used cables with the sellers help declared as gift $100. One had sent through US postal the other through Fedex. At the end the one with the Fedex I had to pay $45Can on fees, GST, the one came through Canada postal and had no charge. So I still don't know how the system charge on the taxes or fees, so far I am happy with postal, they do charge the GST or PST accordingly as products declared as new, used or gift plus a small amount handling fee.
It it is not too heavy send it by the post office. They won't fee you to death. However, the postage may be higher than the shipping charge, so check to see.
It is better to use USPS service for the shipping of the item since UPS, Fedex will charge you expensive 'brokerage fee' + GST/PST is like at least 30% of the declared value of the item.

Good Luck !