Importance of Power Conditioner?

I currently using an old Adcom "power enhancer" and pondering power cable upgrades from stock, etc.

If I spend hundreds on a power cable from my source or amps to the power conditioner, how important is the conditioner?

Given finite resources, where should the money go, power cords or power conditioner. Or how would you spend the next $1k , 1 Wolff at $600 or ...?

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There is no universal truth to power conditioners (as w/ everything else in audio!). Power conditioners could make a difference in your system BOTH for the better & for the worse. It depends....
I agree with Thorman: concentrate on clean power to your system from your panel (in the garage or basement) rather than doing a band-aid job in your listening room w/ a power conditioner. If you do not use an isolation xformer, then concentrating your efforts on clean power from the main panel will, generally, be cheaper than a power cond. (of course, you could put in 6-7 dedicated lines, create a new sup-panel, buy expensive outlets & rack up the cost!).
I do use a power cond. but only for the front-end components. All other components go into the wall. I find that this yields far superior sound + I do not have to deal with the power cond. sonic signature on top of the component's sonic signature. It's hard enough to get the sound right w/o a power cond. so I don't need yet another variable.
Power conditioners have diff. effects with diff. audio gear. You buy a power cond. today for the components you have today & all might be well. You change a piece of audio gear tomorrow, all of a sudden your power cond. has a diff. effect on the sound. You might like it, you might not (chances you will not are higher!). Then you are out in the market shopping for that synergistic power cond. Personally, this is the wrong way to audio but this is just MHO. In the end, it's your money & your system. My 2 cents FWIW. YMMV.
I also agree with Thorman. Money would be better spent on a dedicated line from panel, decent receptacle (Porter Ports, available here on A'GoN) and some decent powercords.
How's the VAC???
I use a Panamax 5300 for all the low current electronics; preamp, DAC, transport, etc.
The amp gets plugged directly into the wall. This being a dedicated 20A line.
I definitely noticed a difference between using a PC with the amp and going directly into the wall. The PC really restricted the sound.
Kevin at VAC plugs all his amps directly into the wall. This is during the burn-in testing. Even had them plugged in during a Florida thunderstorm. He said his amps could take it!!!
Bombaywalla, if it is absolutely true that there are no absolute truths when it comes to audio, then how can you make such a non-sensical statement as this?

In addition, is it not absolutely true that there are inferior products and superior products in the marketplace today?

But your statement begs the question: Are there any absolute truths that you cling to?

Sorry, but I just find statements like this absolutely amazing and absolutely meaningless. Regardless of the topic.

This is how I attained electric nirvana:
dedicated lines-Hubbell cryoed outles
killer power cords- Harmonix and Sonoran
Audio Magic Eclipse power conditioner

Costly I realize, but well worth it. You, certainly, don't have to go this way, but attention to the 3 is essential. Treat your electric as another major component. Electricity is mystical, and depending on where you live, effects the quality of your sound.