Importing Files On Music Server - Totally Confused

So, I just started ripping my CD collection to an external hard drive in .flac using dbpoweramp. So far, so good. Ultimately, I plan on purchasing a music server with an internal hard drive (like the Sony Hap-Z1ES) in order to transfer the files from the external drive to the music server. Can I do this through a USB function on the music server itself or does it have to be via wireless or ethernet? My listening room is not wired up for ethernet, so it would have to be wireless. Just trying to get a handle on this newfangled and unnecessarily complicated methodology ... personally, I much prefer the physical media, but it seems that the era of my beloved CD is fast approaching its tragic end. Any advice on this as well as suggestions for a music server would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Get a NAS. You can transfer them via USB if you do not have hardwire Ethernet. Then all you need is a streamer and ROON. Wiring Ethernet will cost $200 or less to connect all devices (PC, NAS, Streamer) then get into internet and TIDAL. You won't look back. Beware, if you want to store photos, movies etc., the Sony will not let you store the files. Gel a NAS and Ethernet (hardwire). Best versatility. Besides, depending on the make (Synology, QNAP) are ROON ready and have their own aps for playback etc., or use your PC and playback by dbPoweramp. Make your system as versatile up front. You won't regret it.
Once I have ripped the CDs,I think I'll get a cheap laptop with at least a 2T internal hard drive and get a USB DAC Stick. I'll use a USB to RCA Y splitter to connect the laptop to my preamp's Aux output, and will use JRiver or some other library management software. Since I'm not interested in streaming at this point, that should do it. What do you all think of my solution?
Totally agree with amg56 re: NAS. it is an ideal and very safe storage for your rips, as well HD downloads, vinyl rips and other files (pictures, video).
Roon is a popular and very good, albeit a little expensive option. JRiver can be a cheaper option, perhaps not as glamorous - but with a lot of conversion tools and video streaming support.
There are also "native" NAS media servers, they are free, but not perfect.
I would disagree with necessity of wired internet (ethernet) to listening room. My Auralic Aries Femto perfectly fine streaming even very heavy DSD256 files via WiFi.
HD and 4K videos is a different story.