Impressed by Pangea Audio AC-9SE

I have been using Lamm monoblocks with Kimber PK10 Palladian for years. The PK10 Palladian are great sounding power cable and can stand the test of time.

Lately I ran across some threads about the Pangea Audio AC-9 and AC-9SE power cables. Lots of folks raved about these cables here in Audiogon. The SE sells for $200/2m each at Audio Advisor with 30-day trial. I thought I got nothing to loose and want to find out what all the hypes about these cables. I ordered the SE version.

I was totally surprised that the AC-9SE sounded very close to the Kimber. The main difference is that the AC-9SE sounded a bit thicker and a tiny bit more punch in the bass than the KImber. The PK-10 Palladian was just a tad more air on top. The $200 AC-9SE competes toe-to-toe witht the $1000 Kimber. Amazing. In fact, the thicker sounding AC-9SE matches a bit better than the Kimber in my upgraded system. Talking about synergy here.

I recommend folks who have modest or even megabuck system should try out the AC-9SE. Don't let the low price fool you. You may be surprised.

Happy listening.
Wow, a thousand bucks for a power cable? Even $200 seems a bit much to me for simply bringing the AC from the wall outlet and into your amps. Sounds like you should be putting that Kimber up for sale and pocketing the difference...

The AC-9SE is definitely the real deal, IMHO. I had wired my amps and regenerating power conditioner -- PS Audio P10 -- with the earlier AC-9 and tried one SE version (on the P10) just to see if I could tell the difference. There was enough that I replaced all the AC-9s.

I'm assuming everyone knows not to use the fire-hose AC-9/SE PCs on anything BUT amps, as the manufacturer advises. The thinner AC-14SE power cords work a lot better on preamps and source gear, again IMHO.
Yep, I am thinking putting the Kimber up for sale.

This thing is addictive. Now I want to try out the AC-14SE for my preamp just for the heck of it. I agree the AC-9SE is made for amps. The AC-9SE is heavy and thick and I have to use some rolled-up card board to support the cables, especially right below the IEC.
I'm using an AC9SE between my VAC amp and a Shunyata Triton. It replaced a Nordost Brahma. The AC9SE did not sound very good straight out of the box (no highs, no lows, and recessed). It required some break-in time of around 20 hrs. Compared to the Brahma, it's actually better top and bottom, a bit leaner through the lower midrange.

Yeah, then there is that big price difference. I too have wondered what the AC14SE would sound like on the preamp, but then there is that break-in time.
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