Impressed by Pangea Audio AC-9SE

I have been using Lamm monoblocks with Kimber PK10 Palladian for years. The PK10 Palladian are great sounding power cable and can stand the test of time.

Lately I ran across some threads about the Pangea Audio AC-9 and AC-9SE power cables. Lots of folks raved about these cables here in Audiogon. The SE sells for $200/2m each at Audio Advisor with 30-day trial. I thought I got nothing to loose and want to find out what all the hypes about these cables. I ordered the SE version.

I was totally surprised that the AC-9SE sounded very close to the Kimber. The main difference is that the AC-9SE sounded a bit thicker and a tiny bit more punch in the bass than the KImber. The PK-10 Palladian was just a tad more air on top. The $200 AC-9SE competes toe-to-toe witht the $1000 Kimber. Amazing. In fact, the thicker sounding AC-9SE matches a bit better than the Kimber in my upgraded system. Talking about synergy here.

I recommend folks who have modest or even megabuck system should try out the AC-9SE. Don't let the low price fool you. You may be surprised.

Happy listening.
Is your 9SE broken in? If so, how long did it take you? I only have about 7 hours on it.
My cable has many hundreds of hours on it now and I like it in this application. As I recall, it took at least 15 hours before there was any change towards the better.
I would try a Pangea power cord un my Threshold SL10 preamp, but I'm undecided whether to buy the 9 or 14 ... which of them would be fine as well as on the pre, even on my poweramp Threshold sa4/e?...