impressions of the Linbrook Signature????

how do these speakers rate and whats the differance from one to the two piece system.thks
I have the Linbrook Signature one piece. According to Ty, there is very, very little difference in sound between the one and two piece. They use the same drivers and crossover design. The two piece is rear ported, which may make it just a tad harder to place depending on your room.

In terms of sound, it's a very revealing speaker that's fast, with an excellent bottom end and soundstage. There's little it can't do well. All of the components are top of the line, including the Seas drivers and Ty knows how to voice the speakers - at least for my ears. There's been a lot of discussion on these speaker here on Audiogon, so I would do a search using "Linbrook" and/or "Tyler" and see what you come up with.