Improve your hearing?

I thought I could share with music lovers my discoveries on how I improved my hearing.
I have learned a bit on health through reading numerous books and incorporating what I have learned such as dietary practices, sleeping habits, exercise methods into my life-style. Then I would hold onto what I have seen worked for me.
I don't want to profess any miracle cures or that I have found answers to all or any illnesses or diseases.
My greatest lesson in studying health has been to recognize we all have different needs since we are just plain and simple different. Just as we have different preferences in music and equipment, we too have different needs.
I have tried different multi-vitamins and am taking the one that made a difference. I don't see a need for recommending any, but there is a lesson one can gain from this.
If something else works for you I think it's obvious don't fix what is not broken. Some may be opposed to vitamins, that's fine I don't care to argue for or against.
One final note: I will state that I believe it's in our interest to realize that only we ourselves can care for ourselves more than anyone else unless there is a soulmate or special family member in our life.
Hello Pedrillo,

Just wondering why you didn't tell us what you have found that works for you. Who knows? ... it might help others.

All the best,
Yeah Pedrillo, that's pretty cheesy not saying which vitamin you believe is responsible... Or could it be you take so many that you don't know which one made the difference?
Yes, find a good audiologist and have your hearing checked each year. Every six months have a medical doctor remove all the ear wax and clean the canal. Wear ear protection is you live in or are exposed to loud noises, especially city dwellers. Save what you have.
Sorry no secret here it's just that like I said in the opening of the post each one of us has different needs. I have recommended one multi to friends that has helped more often than not, it is the source naturals 'life force'.
The main reason I started this thread was because I just completed a gall bladder flush that I have done many times over in the past. Upon completion of the flush every one of my senses improves. Most importantly my hearing, not so much just the frequency extremes, but capturing all of the music that is in the recording.
Do I believe this flush helped me, absolutely, and not just in hearing ability. There is a sight called curezone that covers this topic extensively. I am not affiliated with this sight.