Improvements to the Shanling CDT100

I've heard that there are bug improvements to be gained by modding a shanling.
Views and experiences most appreciated
Regards to all
As well as various excellent reviews (posts ) on Audiogon two reviews are worth reading ...Thorsten Loesch on and the one on I have a Shanling modified by Parts Connextion of Canada (details of the specific mods available from them ) and by CPT acoustics here in the UK ( various op amps,capacitors,output stage ) most important of which is the "Never Connected" power supply and the reclocking with the Trichord Research clock 4.
Unbelievable improvement over standard CDT 100, takes the Shanling right up to the "High End".
Happy to supply further infomation by email if required.
I agree with Cnocmoy10, the transformation is well worth the price of admission. Try Underwood hifi. Walter is most helpful, and can suggest the best way to go for your needs and budget. I went with the hot rod T200 via Parts Connextion and it smokes my "Wadia" for a fraction of the price. Good luck
May I second cnocmoy, I had Colin at CPT in the UK mod my Shanling It cost a lot, £800 ($1400) , but I need'nt have worried. The Shanling has failings, it is a bit base light and lacks image depth. EVERY aspect of the player is improved, whilst keeping the warm character of the player, which is why we bought it. A contact in Scotland compared his modde player with a Wadia 860, I think. The owner agreed the Shanling was at least as good. I can'nt vouch for Parts Connexion, but the CPT mods are truly impressive.
I own a modded Shanling CDT-100A (Parts Connexion 1 plus upgrade). The sound is absolutely incredible, and IMHO, does not lack any speed, resolution or whatnot. The mods (when reputable) take this units to a much higher plain, which IMHO again, will hold it's own against any unit at any price point.