Improving a stone rack

Hi all, I have a large stone rack for my system, in beautiful granite, which works great for stability, but maybe not so good for other aspects of the sound. I wonder if it contributes to some treble ringing and harshness. I want to improve the sound, thinking of felt damping on the wall behind the rack, some form of cloth to cover the reflective surfaces of the shelves, and adhesive rubber type mats on the bottom of the stone shelves. Is this the way to go? Experience based advice is very welcome. My rack weighs a ton. It is not easy to compare to a wood or composite rack. I need advice on how to counter the sound problems of stone or similar polished surface shelf racks. I want to try this, before I consider a new rack or shelf arrangement.

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@rolox wrote "I have a tempered glass rack that does emphasize the highs and makes everything sound a bit "sterile" and cold." I understand what you mean! Springs (like Nobsound) most probably won’t solve all of that, but hopefully, help reduce it. It is one of my three strategies: damping component vibes (better feet), damping reflective surfaces (shelves and back wall), and damping the shelf bottoms with absorbant mats. I realize I have an Ikea Apetitlig in our kitchen, and should try it.

@fleschler - my VPI hw19 experience was the same. It needed good feet and even a sand box platform. And the springs needed very careful ’just so’ tuning. Interesting that your phono pre is the one where you noted problems. It is the most sensitive component in my rack also.



A learning experience

I have a Meade ETX125 EC astro-telescope on a tripod stand. I use it on two types of foundation: solid ground (outdoors, not very convenient), or a wood veranda (convenient). Guess what happens. The solid stone ground totally outperforms the wood. The image becomes stable and clear, while the veranda image remains blurred and shifts if I move or walk on the veranda.

I wish things were this clear, in audio.

With the telescope, either I see a crater on the moon correctly and in focus, or I don’t.

In audio it is more - maybe this, or maybe that.

If I should create a new laboratory with precision instruments, e g electron microscopes, what would I do? You guessed right. A combination of total stability and well-tuned component damping. Maybe even springs on stone shelves.

For a Telescope there are also a Tripod Footer that will further absorb energies in the Slab and should give a further improvement to the resolution.

Some even put kiln dried sand in a Bicycle Inner Tube and snake it around the Body, this is also a trick used in the past to improve resolution.

IS is a advancing modern concept as a design and will remove the need for some of these old tricks.     

@o_holter Is your phono pre also solid state like my EAR 324?   When I used the EAR 864 and the 912 which are both tubed phono and preamp combo, they sound best on the granite on their own feet.   My HW19-4 is used for 78s now and it has a superior spring and rubber footer (a sprung table) compared to the lousy Delrin VPI VI feet (unsuspended).

@pindac - thanks, I have the original Meade tripod, with no internal damping that I can see. Snake it around the body - you mean the telescope? And - what is IS concept design?

@fleschler - my Aesthetix Io is a tube phono. I think the newest version comes with HRS footers. I cannot experiment with feet under the main unit, due to lack of height in the rack, so it is nice to know that tube phonos can sound best on their stock feet on granite. When I get the Nobsound springs, I will test them under the two power supplies of the Io (there, I have enough height).