Impulsive audio purchase

While browsing the "new today" offerings I came across 2 LP's I've always admired. before I knew what was happening my brainstem took over and I made a deal to purchase them. Afterwards reality set in and I realized I don't own a turntable and haven't for 20 years, I don't own a pre-amp, and my audio stand can't fit any more equipment. Am I insane or are ther others who have made a similarly impulsive decision? If you have did you later regret it? [ps-anyone got any suggestions on how I can explain this to my wife?
Snooker, I can't believe you're worried when all you bought were a couple of LPs you can't listen to. I've bought: cables, preamps, stands, and even amps that I don't need at all, but have been curious about and saw on Audiogon at great prices. I don't have any idea what is wrong with me.
Ghostrider is right on. A good deal comes along on something that i was interested in and WHAM, i'll take it. A perfect case in point: I have a Marantz Model 8 that i bought in the middle of last year. It's still sitting, collecting dust.

As to Sarah, are you single ??? : ) We sound like a match. Only problem is that we would probably run out of room with all of the extra gear that both of us have acquired : ) Sean
You are not alone. Once in a while my sensibilities take a vacation and I bid on an auction that looks like it might be a good deal. I have hit some real winners (Linn Index Monitors), and a few pieces of **** (AMC amp). Don't give up, most people who have this hobby are decent and honest, and for thoose who aren't, we learn from our mistakes.