In Memoriam: Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music

I just read this terrible news about the death of Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music Systems. He was a great guy and this is very, very sad. Rest in peace, Bobby.
This news was certainly a bit of a shock. I can't say I knew Bobby well but I chatted with him several times in the Merlin/Joule Electra room at the CES over the years. My impression was for his dedication - to his speakers, to his customers, and to music.

I can only hope he found peace at last.
Do the fully paid up buyers have any legal recourse (directed at any lawyers in this forum), other than wait for maybe years for the estate executor to complete his job? (See Bluebulls post)
I had a paid up order for a set of Master RC's that Bobby said he would ship 2 weeks ago and it didn't happen.

I just placed a claim with PayPal but that could be a lost cause as well. While my possible loss of $385 is a lot to me that's small potatoes compared to some of the other posts of pending and unfulfilled orders.

It's really a sad situation all the way around. I have sent emails and left voice messages but so far have seen or heard nothing back.

I don't know the setup of Bobby's company but have to assume it was only him and a couple of other employees.

My wife works in a wills and estate law office and she told me I can place a claim against the estate but this will take years to work itself out....the whole thing is very sad.

I can only hope that somehow Bobbys remaining staff can pick up the pieces and complete the remaining orders before things have to shut down for good.

Beside my speakers I bought a lot of Cardas cables from Bobby. While never the fastest on shipping stuff out (my speakers took 4 months) Bobby always answered emails or phone calls and was very honest on what was going on.

I can only hope that all of us who love Bobbys speakers can get some closure so our ongoing memories of him are nothing but positive.
I am in South recourse will be very complicated and expensive for me.I really cant afford to lose the money paid or spend more money in chasing that may already and most likely be lost for me....If in the States, I would have done everything possible to get either the speakers,which I doubt was even started with, or get my money back.Mr Palkovich was Merlin.Merlin does not exist anymore in a production capacity,but perhaps still as a legal entity.