In Memoriam: Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music

I just read this terrible news about the death of Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music Systems. He was a great guy and this is very, very sad. Rest in peace, Bobby.

An authoritative source posted about the circumstances on AA. If true, this makes Bobby's tragic passing even more tragic. It looks like he was putting on a very brave face while suffering terrible anguish behind the smile. I feel especially bad for his loved ones.
I am very saddened to hear about the loss. I Met him and had good time when he visited us in Florida last year to help setup my system. I remember him as a passionate, bright and lively person. My heart goes out to his family at this difficult time.
Wow I can't believe what I just found out that B is gone. I've been out of these forums for the longest time and just found out by browsing B's website to my disbelief. RIP - bobby. You made me the best one of a kind TSM MMM BME ever. My late condolences to his family and close friends.
Just found this out and i'm in shock. I was thinking of selling my VSM MXM so I sent him an email yesterday and the email bounced back. Thinking nothing of it, I logged onto the site and saw the headline.

I can't say that we were 'friends' but we had exchanged hundreds of emails over the course of the past 10+ yrs. I've owned VSM's, TSM, etc... He put me in contact with well respected individuals in the industry to help achieve my audio nirvana with nothing to gain from his side. Just an introduction from Bobby was all it took, he was that respected. He was always a true gentleman and always went above and beyond for me.

It sounds silly but the sound from his creation was pure joy for me and helped get me through some tough times. I always felt an emotional connection and thankfulness to him for that and now can't bare the thought of parting with the speakers. And now I can't even bring myself to turn my system on with the knowledge of how much he must have suffered.

RIP Bobby, you will be fondly remembered by many and countless smiles have crossed faces due to your passion and dedication.
I am shocked to hear this news.  I just got my VSMs upgraded by Bobby to the Black Magic edition this year.  He was so passionate about his speakers and the improvement of the upgrade, and so generous with his time.  I can't remember how many times he talked my ear off about the upgrade and what it would do to the sound, and how his speakers had evolved over the years.  I had hoped to meet him in person at RMAF some year, and am very sad that will never happen.  I will play my magical Merlins tonight while sipping my very best scotch in his honor.