In search for speakers of "natural" sound

I am using a pair of Harbeth speakers. However, I am not satisfied with the 'naturalness' of the sound (it could be that I am so demanding). I am looking for a pair of speakers that can produce the more natural and organic sound than Harbeth if there is any.

I know that it depends on the amp, cables, and other variables. However, let's assume that with the appropriate gears, which speakers do you think can produce the "most natural sound"? By "natural", I mean the sound that we hear directly from musical instruments, from the singer without going through any amplification.

There is a user mentioning that speakers from the past used that 'natural sound' as a reference when designed speakers. In contrast, the sound today (even the hi-end one) is to "hi-fi". He guessed it could be less people have chance to listen to live / acoustic music than before.  

Is it right?

Thank you for your experience and recommendation!

P.S: I know that my questions are silly and dumb, please bear with me.

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The old joke was that burglars would think the 57's were space heaters - and ignore them!
How about the venerable LS3/5A's for natural sound? Can't shake the floor or rattle the windows! But the "magic" is there in spades!
ATC,Proac,PMC and Spendor are consider to be very natural.
You didn’t tell us which Harbeth speakers you have and what is your system so it’s very hard to give serious comment to your question.
Try to listen loudspeakers based  on widebanddrivers, not a full range. they 
get more  musical and natural sound,   Are  you close to NYC or  NJ ??
If you are going for accurate, open sound at un-amplified volume with orchestral range, I second the recommendation for Sound Lab's.

Eminent Technology will get you most of the way there for a lot less money.

It's hard to beat planars for quickness and immediacy.

There are plenty of accurate, ruler flat speakers today that allow you to pull eveything out of the source.

Unfortunately, there's also lots of poorly mixed sources, too.

I went through several high quality, accurate monitor style speakers until I figured out it was the source material that was the weak link.

I switched to a coherent style speaker (Ohm 2000's) that is 'voiced' to be more tolerent of the source and yet still pleasing.

It satifies my tastes but took some years to get there.

If I had the space (and cash), I'd go Sound Lab...ha. They are stunningly good.