In search for speakers of "natural" sound

I am using a pair of Harbeth speakers. However, I am not satisfied with the 'naturalness' of the sound (it could be that I am so demanding). I am looking for a pair of speakers that can produce the more natural and organic sound than Harbeth if there is any.

I know that it depends on the amp, cables, and other variables. However, let's assume that with the appropriate gears, which speakers do you think can produce the "most natural sound"? By "natural", I mean the sound that we hear directly from musical instruments, from the singer without going through any amplification.

There is a user mentioning that speakers from the past used that 'natural sound' as a reference when designed speakers. In contrast, the sound today (even the hi-end one) is to "hi-fi". He guessed it could be less people have chance to listen to live / acoustic music than before.  

Is it right?

Thank you for your experience and recommendation!

P.S: I know that my questions are silly and dumb, please bear with me.

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perhaps you need to define what is natural ... each concert venue has it's own characteristics ... so what are you really shooting for?   3rd row center at Carnegie Hall,  first balcony at the Auditorium Theatre, a box at LaScala (old or renovated), the slope at Red Rocks, on the field at an outdoor stadium, the picnic grounds at Ravinia or a college rehearsal hall?  You get the idea ... no one can tell you what is natural in a speaker it is up to you.
atc is my was going to be between harbeth,spendor,atc...non ported cab was what my room was needing

This question is perfect. It addresses an important issue. Here we are in 2018. Sixty years after the first quads came out and we have hundreds of speakers available.....for the prices they are asking shouldn't they all have a natural sound......don't these reviewers car about natural sound when they listen to speakers. 

What is wrong with the speaker industry. Why would they even make a speaker that did't have a natural sound...