In search for speakers of "natural" sound

I am using a pair of Harbeth speakers. However, I am not satisfied with the 'naturalness' of the sound (it could be that I am so demanding). I am looking for a pair of speakers that can produce the more natural and organic sound than Harbeth if there is any.

I know that it depends on the amp, cables, and other variables. However, let's assume that with the appropriate gears, which speakers do you think can produce the "most natural sound"? By "natural", I mean the sound that we hear directly from musical instruments, from the singer without going through any amplification.

There is a user mentioning that speakers from the past used that 'natural sound' as a reference when designed speakers. In contrast, the sound today (even the hi-end one) is to "hi-fi". He guessed it could be less people have chance to listen to live / acoustic music than before.  

Is it right?

Thank you for your experience and recommendation!

P.S: I know that my questions are silly and dumb, please bear with me.

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You don't mention which Harbeth's you have but my Harbeth 40.1's are about as natural and neutral as any on the market....and I have been using Quad 57's for over 30 years(retired after getting the Harbeths). What these speakers need are a rather large room and plenty of power(i'm using Classe CAM 200's). For true realism, one needs to sit at the approximate apex point of an isocoles speakers are about 8 feet apart, 4 feet from the back wall, and sitting position is about 10 feet away. Also Harbeths need to be elevated off the ground so that the tweeter portion is about at ear level.....put on some good vinyl and revel in the lushness and natural timber of a string quartet, symphony orchestra, or whatever else you might enjoy.....
Voxativ 3x driver in a folding horn sounds pretty close for electronic equipment.Good tube 2a3 300b etc don't scrimp on the preamp  the best cords you can afford same with turntable now at lease you can get the music. Arthur 
There are two requirements to be met in speakers in order to come close to 'natural' sound: 1)NO crossover, 2)ONE full range driver. Even the best designed and constructed crossovers introduce sound compressions, phase distortions... More than one driver leads to different sound characteristics, different speeds... Single full range drivers are difficult and expensive to make, and speakers with such drivers are difficult and expensive to design - but when you find one the experience is divine. Check out Audience, Teresonic, Zu...
If a "natural" sound is what you are after the Harbeth's are going to be very hard to beat. You will need to take a look at electrostatic or planer speakers but should be prepared for the many trade offs associated with those designs. They may get you closer but at a cost. The only other dynamic speaker that I have found that sounds as "natural" as the Harbeth's are those from Daedalus Audio. I went from Harbeth to Daedalus years ago and have never looked back--super "natural" sounding and damn pretty to look at.
Also you could listen to Spendor, be it the Classic line or the new D line. Less pretty than the Harbeth, they are also less expensive.
many on the forum say they sound better... at least fr your quest, they  deserve a listen.