In search of help or direction on Altec A-7 500 16 Ohm Magnificents.

I am looking for anyone who can lead me to the schematics for these 300 Hz. Crossovers and or someone who can build me new crossovers.  I have been restoring a pair of these and they look and sound beautiful but now that I have taken them this far I would love to take them to the next level.

Thanks in advance for any help or direction here!


I don’t recall Altec making a 300 Hz. crossover for the A7. Could you double check the frequency?

I had a pair back in the 90’s. They were large, too big for the room they were placed in.  I previously owned the pro version of the VOT with the 511 horn. They also had the 500 hertz crossovers. The Magnificents used the same basic components but with Altec green instead of black.

Of course, the Magnificent’s were a dressed up Shall we say an OTC version of the VOT. A 15 inch woofer, 500 hertz crossover, 511b horn and 808 compression driver. 

Brent M.