In search of the right SS integrated amp

My audiophile friend Greg brought over new Accuphase pre and power amps, successfully demonstrated that my GamuT D3 / D200 Mark III (which have served well) are no longer state of the art. But in my high-rise apartment I’m spatially challenged; what I’d really like is a top quality integrated, 2 channel, solid state (tubes/valves are intimidating), with at least 2 pairs balanced (XLR) inputs (for phono stage, CDP). Nowadays, happily, such exist. Here are some I’ve read about:

TOP TIER (no obvious drawbacks)
-- Boulder 865 – generally admired, beautiful square wave (how often do I listen to square waves?)
-- Chord CPM 3350 – heard Chord system once, much impressed; M. Fremer critical, but of older model
-- Pass Labs INT-150 – right features; high praise, low price; can it really sound as good as the others?

SECOND TIER (sound reportedly all right, but with superfluous features like tone controls)
-- Accuphase E550 – should sound about as good as Greg’s two boxes
-- Burmester 032 – gorgeous cosmetics, but more expensive than others; maybe not worth it?

THIRD TIER (technically proficient, but found emotionally lacking by reviewers)
-- GamuT Si 100 – descendant of my present amplifiers
-- Jeff Rowland Continuum 500 – reviewer may have used unsuitable speakers

Grateful for any comparisons, comments, recommendations.
Krell has a big bad integrated also. I think it's called the Full Power Balanced maybe? If money was of no concern I'd grab the Boulder.
They fly WAY under the radar here in the U.S., but you might also want to consider Coda’s CSi-B integrated. It’s 5,800 factory direct and compares favorably to units costing multiples of its asking price. In fact, my friends and I compared it to the Pass INT-150, and we all agreed that the Coda was the better amp. A buddy also compared it to his Boulder 865 and said it was VERY close, the Boulder perhaps slightly besting the Coda in overall resolution but the Coda sounding more engaging. It’s very smooth and fluid in its presentation—almost tube-like in that regard—but it’s got gobs of power in reserve. So much, in fact, that it loafs along with almost any speaker it’s paired with. Coda will even up the Class A bias upon request. That’s pretty good attention to the customer.
Odyssey Audio offers the cyclops direct to the consumer for a real bargain. Check it out online....use the savings for another upgrade or music:O)
I'll second the Mac suggestion and also add the MA6600. A friend just picked up the 6600 with the optional tuner module, making it a receiver, where he replaced his Bel Canto separates, separates that stood the test against others that came and went. He is as pleased with the Mac as he ever has with any gear.

The MA7000 is their top dog, but it lacks a couple niceties of the MA6600, such as the alpha numeric display, silky smooth digital volume control and the ability to add the tuner module. It all depends on how important those things are to you.