In the meantime

I just sold my Leak stereo 20 power amp so now i'm looking for a higher power power amp. In the meantime all I have is an Onkyo receiver pushing 100 watts. Can I hook up this receiver to my Legacy Classic speakers ? The Classic are 4 ohms at 89 db and the Onkyo is a 6 to 8 ohm compatible.

I think I read somewhere in the manual that it was not recommended to hook anything to it below 6 ohm. I know that this should answer my question but since electronics behave so differently under the same conditions, what are the chances that it might blow up something if I do decide to test it out? Can I use the Onkyo for a few weeks until I upgrade to something more adecuate ?
Can't comment on the sonic quality but it sure won't hurt anything. Neither the amp nor the speakers will be harmed.
I would stay out of playing uncompressed recordings(even at moderate volume levels) not to bring the receiver to clipping in the mean time... 2Ohms might seem a large enough tolerance gap, but your speakers might even go bellow 4Ohms.
Don't play too loud and cause the receiver to clip, then the speakers will be unharmed.
I am in the same boat. I sent my preamp out for mods and my amp out for repair. In the meantime I picked up an older Sony ES 80 watt reciever on eBay and it is doing a good job driving my 6 ohm 86 db NHT classic fours at low to moderate volumes.

So basically I would say your fine as long as you don't crank it.

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