In the US, how is your internet connection terminated in the home?

I’m based in the UK and I’m trying to find out how the internet connection is terminated in the US.

For example, assuming a wired connection via copper, in the UK we use RJ11 wall plates with the dsl signal on pins 2 and 3.

I know that in Europe they use RJ45 with the signal on pins 4 and 5.

Please can you advise how the service is delivered in the US?


99% of the time, a coax cable is connected to a DOCSIS modem, which in turn is connected to a NAT home router.  For very new connections, fiber is available.


I use Ethernet connection for internet 

using Cat 11 cable from router to streamer and to integrated amp

Get better services late at night or very early in tgg by e morning 

Other times sound of music is not great



Mine is Fiber Optics to the converter on the side of the house

then from the converter to the router it’s a cat 6 cable each room has 2 separate plugs ran on separate lines from the router everything inside is all cat 6 wiring