In Wall Speakers recommendations

I am under contract to buy a non custom new construction house.  My current system (Sopra 2 fronts and B&W 805's rears) will not work in the room and will unfortunately be forced to use in wall and in ceiling speakers.  I have never shopped them before.  In my brief research, I have found that Focal and B&W both make well reviewed in walls, along with JBL's and Golden Ear.  It will not be a dedicated music room and will not be sonically perfect.  It has 10 foot ceilings, glass sliding doors on one side wall and open to the kitchen and dining area in the rear so no close rear wall.  YUK, can anything work?  Thanks for your help.


Yeah, in that situation I’d be inclined to just get these.  They’re likely pretty much as good as everything else and will probably save you a bundle as they sell direct…

Best of luck.

Not sure what the quality cost spectrum is but I would like to be about $10K but could do more if needed. 

Wisdom Audio is a cut above everything but not sure what their price points are — probably more than you wanna spend I’d guess.