In-wall speakers recommendations

I'm going to built a second, strictly HT system, based on the in-wall speakers, that will reside in my 2-CH dedicated room.
My 2-Ch system is all- tube, and I feel bad using it for watching movies and playing video games.
I would like to avoid expensive alternatives, since the movies and games SQ is not nearly as important to me, as the music reproduction.
So far, I was looking at Definitive Tech. in-wall speakers and subs.
I'm aware of the possible negative consequences of having another set of speakers aside from the main 2-CH speakers in the room, and I'm hoping, that with relatively small in-wall speakers and having them powered all the time, will have minimal negative impact.
I even considered small, movable acoustic panels, that will cover in-walls during 2-CH listening session.
Are there any other similarly- priced in-wall speakers, that I should look at?
Any comments regarding specific brands, and the whole idea of having two separate system in the same room are welcome.
James emb 1000 can be found on Agon for about 600. These are self poweredThe ideal is to use 3 speakers with the same driver complementSpend more on these for sure . You can save with the rear speakers , they are more there for fill and effects ( a door opening on the left) per se .speakers with a back box, especially for the front three is generally preferred. Otherwise you are using whatever size wall cavity as your enclosure, for some speakers this works , results are much more of a crap shoot.
The Polk Audio RC60i are great sounding speakers, they fill my room with lots of sound and the installation is easy.
My first question is what are your stereo speakers? You'll want to get something voiced similarly. That said, have you considered the Focal-JMlabs in-wall speakers? They have some very reasonably priced solutions, starting out at $250 and going up. Their inverted metallic tweeter design produces tonally correct, accurate highs that don't get fuzzy at louder volumes, which will perform well for movies. Don't know where you're at, but if you're interested in auditioning them, email me and I'll have the local dealer get in touch.
Sorry for not answering on time,
This is my whole idea to have two independent system in the same room. So my stereo speakers will NOT be a part of the HT setup.
audio advisor is also listing energy veritas in walls for $299 each (marked down from $900). awfully good speaker at that price.