In-walls.. Worth the added space? Which ones then?

Calling all audio-geeks... I am contructing a home and would like to use in-walls for all 5.1/6.1 speakers. Have auditioned only a few makes and models such as infinity, klipsch, niles, b&w. So far the b&w sounds the best. I would like to use these speakers for BOTH HT and music listening so I figure as long as the value is there- I could maybe splurge just a little bit! Any ideas? Please give me any and all of your recommended bang-for-the-buck in-wall speakers- and list them in order of preference too.
I will be using a Marantz SR8000 to power them with a CRT front projector TV. Many thanks..
Try the Tru Audio in wall speakers,about $125 to $450 each.Their in ceiling Revolve LCR and SUR are excellent home theater speakers if you need to install speakers in the ceiling.About $400 to $500 each.Lifetime warranty parts and labor.
Polk--did not like at all, might as well had a boom box
Atlantic Technology--I have--system 20, great in wall sub, and I am very happy, clear and crisp.
B&W--Klipsch--I liked better for Rock but not the detail I like for my 2 listening
Some great reviews on secrets of
By the way I only purchased in wall for my rear and surrounds. But have set up I polk 6.1 and one Klipsch 7.1 at my buddies house.
Good luck, keep listening
The ones I'm most impressed with, both as an audiofool and as an architoot, and which I finally heard at CES, and which there hasn't been much press about, and which are really expensive (drum roll.....) are the Revels. I think one of the physical (as opposed to electronic) reasons for their outstanding performance is their cast aluminum frame, (unique in the industry so far) which really anchors them solidly to the wall. Remember, you'll need expensive speaker wire as well!