Incredible deal on incredible amp

Ive had my BAT REXII power amp for sale for over a month on Agon with only a small amount of interest.  Ive lowered the price a couple of times.  I am having a hard time understanding the lack of interest, especially at the current price.  The only reason i am selling is I bought active speakers (ATC SCM50A) so no longer need a stand alone amp.  Otherwise,  it would have been my amp for life.  Any suggestions to make this more attractive for a sale?  I guess there is a price for everything and eventually if low enough someone would be interested.  I just think the price is so low now that i don't believe there is any interest at any price.
Try The Music Room. They buy gear and list here. BTW,those pix are not very good,you need to show more !
@lxgreen   I don't have any reason to doubt the great sound quality the amp is capable of.  If it is as great to your ears as you say, why buy active speakers necessitating taking an expensive piece of gear you love out of the system?  I've never had the pleasure of hearing ATC speakers but have read many testimonials about them and understand they have a loyal customer base...but...there are so many fine transducers out there with just as many accolades, it is unfortunate that you were not able to find a pair of speakers that would increase your listening enjoyment that would mate well with the BAT amp.
I think it boils down to what people are looking for. I don’t normally sell much here but recently sold three components that all went rather quickly. In each case the buyer had a specific reason for wanting my items. I also purchased some items so the idea that the audiophile market is dying is not plausible to me.

Obviously this is a screaming deal on your amp. If the right buyer sees it, it will sell. I would definitely agree with the summer vacation explanation. Lots of people take time off right before the new school year starts. I think the October suggestion is your best bet.