incredible inexpensive speaker

this is by far one of the most unbelievable speakers i have ever listened to. i have been involved with this hobby since 1994 and have heard inexpensive speakers and expensive speakers

this little bookshelf speaker costs only $499 - this is so impressive for the money - it totally blows me away - that i can have this kind of sound for that kind of money

nothing impresses me more than an inexpensive component that sounds incredible.

it has the technology in its tweeter called bmr (balanced mode radiator) - it was used in the nxt panels - but never took off

it is now practical - there is no mid bass - only a woofer - because the tweeter handles all the midbass - the result is wonderful

it takes a lot for me to be impressed - cause i think a lot of what i hear is so over-rated - these speakers are very enchanting for the money - they blow away those cheap pioneer speakers albeit at almost 4 times the price - i have had them about 17 days - and approx 4 hours a day of playing - so about 68 hours of running in

for this king of money - im so impressed - i dont want to cry wolf - but you got to here these
but im telling you its not 90db - i havent measured it - but i know i have to turn the volume up more than im used to

i would bet any anount that these are 85db or 86 at the most

thats missing the whole point of this speaker
12-07-13: Smargo
i know we are all jaded when someone says that such and such is incredible
Yes, for very good reason.
What good reason? I like your post on these speakers and love it when folks get excited about good value gear! No reason to fear as in the end just check them out for yourself.