indra users/fans---

what are the best , most effective placements of these i/cs, and where do you find addtional benefits after the first pair is installed?

what other cables have you paired with the indras for good results?
rgwrjs: so u are using cyberlights btwn the CDSD and DCC2? Not the optical propietary cable provided by Meiter to slave clocks? Or do you mean btwn the DCC2 to sep pre-amp?
rgwrjs, your rigs doesn't require high out cables.
thiner cables will genereally sound better for high efficiency system. The indra will sound more refine in this case. However, for the low efficiency system, it will tend to sound dry and thin and lack of punch. In this case, it is not about refinement only. The current passing through would be more demanding since the input of amp is less sensitive here.
I am sorry I was not clear. I use the cyberlight between the DCC2 and my preamp. I use the optical cabling between the CDSD and the DCC2.
Thanks...interesting u use a separate preamp: what is it? Do u not like DCC2 as a preamp? I am considering an pwr amp upgrade (I use the DCC2 as a preamp as well)as well a possible cable upgrade (well at least all the excitement about both cyberlights and indra entices me to investigate).
Although I think the DCC2 is an excellent preamp, I do not get the air, staging or dynamics of my tube preamp (Audionote M-10.) I used the DCC2 as a preamp for about six months while I was waiting for an upgrade to my preamp and I enjoyed it very much. But IMS it does not compare to the M-10. BTW I like the Elrod power cords with my sources.