Inexpensive All-In-One Solutions

I'm looking for a very inexpensive all-in-one solution that has the following features: Stream Netflix, blu-ray, surround sound, and possibly multi-disk CD playback. This is for some non-audiophile friends that are currently using a hodge-podge of equipment included an old computer stacked on a bookshelf in a very nice house. They need a clean solution, but are not willing to pay much so we're not worried about sound quality. Function is the goal.

If sound doesn't matter to you, then going UBER CHEAP is pretty easy...

For starters, if all you require is surround and Netflix, you should skip the HTIB entirely.

Just get powered computer speakers and attach them to either the "headphone out" or to the "line out" on your TV. Then attach the absolute cheapest BluRay player that will stream Netflix to your TV. Total System: 4 Satellites; 1 Center; 1 Sub; 1 BluRay player; DONE. Target Cost: $150-$175 for everything.

Note that you might need to get an adapter to connect the mini-cable from the sub to your TV, but those are cheap.

Sample System: The Logitech Z506 Surround Sound 5.1 Speaker set lists for $100.00; it gives you a powered sub that will power your speakers. Combine that with an LG BP220 that will stream Netflix and books for $75.00 or so new.

So in summary, you can likely skip the system entirely and just connect a 5.1 powered computer speaker system directly to you TV, along with a cheap player that streams Netflix.
HTIB from Panny, Sammy or Pioneer is probably the way to go. AVR, Blu-Ray, cables and speakers in one box. Some are even wireless.

I've toyed with them in the past under different circumstances. AVS forum has threads on these.
I have a NAD viso five. Yes, I used existing speakers. Excellent sound for a small living room. It has its limitations. When my neighbors were on vacation, I cranked it up loud and the sound hardened. The Viso 5 sounds great at medium volumes, which makes it perfect for a condo or apartment.

It has a built-in disc player of excellent quality. The tuner is the best I've had. The remote is a little clutzy--you need the manual here. It is the best receiver I've ever owned. and it plays DVDA discs with uncanny richness. A keeper for those of us with smaller homes.