Inexpensive Amp for KEF 107s?

I posted earlier about my (mom's) Nakamichi PA-7 woes. We are looking at getting it repaired. In the meanwhile, I'm interested in hearing of some amps that could adequately power the KEF 107 speakers (which the PA-7 has powered for the past 25 years). Budget is no more than $500.
As always, your suggestions are appreciated.
The 107 & 107/2 speakers are efficient and easy to drive. I used a Proceed Amp 2 (250 watts into 4 ohms with both channels driven) to drive KEF 107/2s with excellent result. It's a beautiful amp with a separate power supply for each channel. They are switchable between balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs. You can probably find one used for $500. I have three Amp 2s and an Amp 3 that I'll probably hang on to even though I now use the larger Proceed HPA 2 & 3.

Are you using a KUBE 107? The 102, 107, and 107/2 Reference speakers were designed to be used with their respective KUBEs.

Thanks for the information. No, there is no KUBE, although I don't understand why one would need a subwoofer with these speakers as each one contains a pair of 10 inch woofers and I've certainly never felt they were lacking for bass. Even moderately turned up, you can feel the bass tugging at the back of your pants legs...
Here's an image of the setup we have: