Inexpensive but decent 8" subwoofers

My current setup is Bluesound Powernode (N330) -> Blueroom Minipods

Which obviously isn't a high end system, but balances decent sound with sleek looks.

Looking for a 8" subwoofer which won't break the bank. Bonus points if it also looks good/minimal!


I concur that the SVS 3000 Micro deserves a look.

It combines two horizontally opposed 8" woofers in a compact, attractive package which i was able to fit under a buffet used as my stereo cabinet.

I bought one a few months ago and then added a second one more recently, which I think balances the bass in support of a pair of K-horns.

A mobile app is handy and I can attest that the current customer support is good.

Thank you all for your suggestions.

So based on the price range and the appearance, I have narrowed it to the following ( in approximate order of price, low to high):

Kanto Sub 8

Jamos S 808

Monolith 8 

Audioengine S8

RSL Speedwoofer 10s MKII


Sonos sub

Any of these that I should specifically avoid? Any of these that punch above their weight in terms of sound quality?

The speakers that I have are supposed to be "quick" and hence I was looking for 8" in the first place.

I've been curious about using multiple subs for years so in the last year I've been buying cheap subs off ebay.  There's a custom install only brand named Episode and I bought two of their 8 inch sealed subs and one sealed 10 inch model.  I paid around $150 each for the 8 inchers including shipping.  At that price they're great.  They're reasonably flat to around 40hz where they drop off pretty quickly.  Since it's a custom install only brand it looks like people don't have any idea how to price them so they can be found at great prices somewhat regularly.  They look a lot like the PSB sub series and if you look at some pics the amps are clearly made by the same company.


PSB SubSeries 350 Powered subwoofer | eBay


Episode ES-SUB-EVO10-450 Powered Subwoofer - Gloss White - Tested | eBay

What is your budget?  How big is your “bank”?  Every suggestion here is great,with varying price points. Are you willing to go used?