Inexpensive but decent 8" subwoofers

My current setup is Bluesound Powernode (N330) -> Blueroom Minipods

Which obviously isn't a high end system, but balances decent sound with sleek looks.

Looking for a 8" subwoofer which won't break the bank. Bonus points if it also looks good/minimal!


Found in the outlet from the dropdown menu.

My 3000 Micro supposedly has a couple blemishes, I sure can't see them. 

They are running about $750 though. 

I have a Monitor Audio Bronze Sub sitting in a box right now. I'm not sure if it's an 8". Sounds really good. Lacks the mobile app adjustments the SVS has. 

I could put it up for sale here if you're interested. (way under $500) 😊

The smaller B&W subs have never dissappointed.  Honest, musical, good performance for the investment.



+1 For the small B&W subs. I’m using two ASW608 8” subs. They are great subs. Good luck with your search. Check out my system page to get an idea of how they look.