Inexpensive CD Transport

I just purchesed an old Wadia 32 D/A and currently have a new NAD C540 CD player. I hate to waste the DAC in the 540 (24/96) so I am thinking about selling it and getting an older player or transport unit -- I love the sound of the Wadia 32. I have also considered getting a multi disc player for convenience. Any suggestions or should I just keep the NAD...also are there any issues with the digital out on the 24/96 player and the older Wadia? Thanks.
Buy a DVD unit either multi disc and use it with your DAC - it will give you great sound and vision . Sony or Yamaha .
Patriot- If you want a changer, the CAL CL-10 is very good. I am using one now, as a stand alone and it sounds good with the built in DAC. I love the convenience, and have thought that if I upgrade, I will just go with a good, used DAC. FWIW, this unit was rated Class B, so iits pretty good on its own. I paid $800 from a local dealer, but you can get one privately for about $700.
I have a Wadia 12 dac and use a old counterpoint transport. Both have the bnc connectors and I beleive both together sound great. I have not had the chance to try any other transports so any other advice I can't give. Would like to try the rega as a transport.
I agree 100% with Roger. Take his advice, you will never regret it! - Larry
Abstract, Roger, Rutel, Ljgj, Lak, Swampwalker and South43 thanks for your comments -- I am going to keep a lookout for an inexpensive CD player/transport per your all suggestions. Would love to get a Wadia transport...I'm not worried about the company, I think we'll see them again. I will also look at the Acurus and Micromega. Have heard great things about the CAL also. Again, thanks for your help and time.