Inexpensive Cork Room Treatments

Had a happy discovery this week that inexpensive, egg-carton-waffled cork bath mats make great room treatments. They're 24" x 18" or 36" x 24", and the price of a couple of CDs. My wife bought an extra one, and I stole it to treat the wall behind and between my speakers with the result of a more focused center image and no hardness in the treble at volumes that previously over-energized my plaster walls. They'd be good at first-reflection points, too. Since they're a natural material, they don't look too bad either.
Albertporter: If the walls of your listening room are moist, consider the problem solved.

Looked at the cork website.
I like the toed in aspect. Do they come with the rest of the body?
So--I can't believe I missed the cork soaker thing. Thank you, Albertporter, for putting my mind back in the gutter where it belongs.

Apart from that, the biggest problem I have now is not being able to fit my Vandersteens in my shower.