Inexpensive DVD deck with good sound?

I'm looking to get a DVD player that will also serve as an upgrade to my current (Phillips, more than a decade old) CD player. Don't have a lot to spend--let's set the budget at $400, and I'd be happy to spend less (as I'll need to buy a TV set, too).

I have an NAD reciever and PSB B-25 speakers. The NAD T-534 looks like it might be good, but I can't find any reviews or opinions about it. Cambridge Audio and Panasonic also seem well-regarded in this price range, but, again, solid info about their audio quality seems scant. Suggestions are welcome.

Check out the Sony 7700 and the Toshiba 9200 players. A few years old, but still hold their own. Both players, flagships at the time.


You can get a new Denon 2910 for between $400 and $500 if you look around online and a used one would be less, of course. If you're willing to buy used, a well-kept Philips 963 would be a good option.
Durabrand top loader from wallmart-$27.95 with digital out. Sounds very good for the price and you can add a Dac Ah NOS dac for $200. more.
Check out the SAMSUNG DVD-HD841 DVD PLAYER. I picked up one for about $80 two years ago and it hasn't let me down yet. It does, DVD-A, DVD-V, SACD, CD-R, CD-RW; you name it, it will most likely handle it. It even has 6 discrete analog outs, digital outs, component video output, and up-converts to 720p/1080i resolution. A great do it all player.

I've seen it on ebay this morning for about $20, but don't let the price fool you. I haven't had much of a problem at all. I added a little weight to the top of it, and it now plays just as good as a player 20x its price.
I use a combination of the Denon 1920 and a Lite Dac-AH. The combo should cost you around $400 give or take.

I use the coax out to the Dac-AH for redbook, the Denon's internal dacs for SACD and DVD-Audio, and toslink out to my preamp for home theater stuff.

It's a pretty great setup, very tough to beat for the money. You might also check out the Cambridge universal player; it's right around your budget and is well regarded.