Inexpensive speaker cables: any experience?

I’m currently running some entry Kimber Kable speaker cables and looking at possibly upgrading. In my research I’ve come across some “budget” options on eBay. I assume they’re not great but curious if anyone has any experience with some “no-name” or “budget” cables? 

Thoughts on these? 



I have used inexpensive Belden 9497 and recommend it at its price. It is sold by reputable seller HighEndAudioAuctions.

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paulgardner Rather than listening to this forum, you would do better to listen to some cables. Borrow or rent a few at different price points, to see where your subjective response takes you. You may be an OMG! believer and go off in that direction, or, like me, if it's long enough and is plugged in at both ends, it's good to go!

I purchased Signal Cable Co. speaker cables 6 years ago at a great price and have never looked back.