Inexpensive speaker cables: any experience?

I’m currently running some entry Kimber Kable speaker cables and looking at possibly upgrading. In my research I’ve come across some “budget” options on eBay. I assume they’re not great but curious if anyone has any experience with some “no-name” or “budget” cables? 

Thoughts on these? 



Im using chris's quad 12 and i have been really happy with all his wire.The chela are something i id like to try as well.Chris products have never let me down.

rooze, yes, Paul Speltz right down the road from me in Lake Elmo. Well, when I lived in MN. I have not tried his stuff yet.

Yeah, I'm a cable guy and been at it for 41 years and counting (since I was 17). True, system dependent and more money does not always buy better performance. However, I've owned KS3033, KS3035 & the KS6063 for 5.5 years and sold those for what I paid for them. I got a great/deal/right place at the right time with my guy at the, very familiar with the, too. 

I went to Silversmith Fideliums back in Nov 2020. However, I missed some of what my KS6063 does, I sold. So, I created my solid core Neotech with stranded Duelund/12 awg tin covered copper. I really like the results over the past 3 months now. Of course, I listened to the Duelund's separate and the Solid core separate then put together to create my KS6063 DIY.

Now, I'm going to try the solid core Neo' with the Fideliums. I run: Illuminations D-60/Kimber, Snake River Audio Boomslang & HFC Reveal for SP/Diffs. IC's: Kimber KS1030 or Snake River Audio Cottonmouth Gold. I'm a redbook guy/1100+ Cd's.

Decware Zen Mystery Amplifier (ZMA)/class A, to my modified Acoustic Zen Adagio's/single capped with Mundorf MCap Supremes at 4500. Absolutely stellar at revealing cable nuances. I'm new to this Forum/have over 3K posts at Decware.

@paulgardner - been using Kimber 8TC’s for a while now, and haven’t had the urge to hunt around much. My only cabling superstition is to do the entire loom from one maker (so all my cabling is Kimber, “Ascent” series - one up from their least expensive line)

I figure 50% of audio enthusiasts think the above makes me a foolish wastrel, and the rest think I’ve never heard music, so probably landed in the right place

Let us know if you find something that you like!

Have a great day


Not sure what your definition of inexpensive is.  However, I will offer up some suggestions: 1) Zavfino Prima....., 2) Grover Huffman Pharoah cables, and 3) Cullen silver/copper cables.  

The good thing about the contemporary audio scene is the unprecedented number of high caliber audio products in all categories.  I have no doubt that there ore other excellent cables I would like that I have not heard.

Duelund 12 ga.  The reviews are mentioned in an earlier post. A well known speaker manufacturer steered to them as he said they had embarrassed all the big ticket cables they were using. $8.00 a foot!!!  Tried them and they surpassed the top of the line hiDiamond and wywires diamond cables I had. In one review (perhaps one of the ones shown in the prior posting) the reviewer replaced high priced High Fidelity cables with them. All systems are different but in mine they are quite something.  Here is an excerpt from the positive feedback review: "Generally speaking, all of the Duelund DCA tinned-copper cables share a unique combination of intensity of tone color, dynamic prowess, timbral realism, vivid presence, and a compelling portrayal of beat and tempos, that distinguishes them from copper or silver cables, and makes them immensely satisfying to listen to music with"