inexpensive streaming setup

Today I am almost exclusively vinyl for critical listening (3000 albums). Several years ago I went to a DAP to listen to while traveling. I now use the DAP at home plugged into my preamp via it’s line out and stream from Tidal to add to my relatively small collection of digital files. I would like to try a streaming setup that has comparable sound quality without breaking the bank. The DAP is Hiby R6 plugged into the Aux on a Melos 333 reference preamp, a Jolida JD 502 P Power Amplifier, REL T7 Sub, Martin Logan Aries speakers, and VPI Aries turntable with a Koetsu Black cartridge. I do not expect it to sound as good as my analog setup but at least as good as the R6 playing through my system.

Currently looking at a Bluesound Node and Hub.

Anyone have any other suggestions.

Thanks in advance


The advantage of the Bluesound Node over other devices I'm aware of is the user interface. Finding the music you want to hear and directing it to your downstream components is simple and reliable. Adding a quality external DAC rather than the internal one of the Node will give you much higher quality reproduction, better, in my case, then CDs played through the same external DAC. 



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IMHO you can't beat the Allo USBridge Signature streamer with Shanti power supply.  Performs way above it's price.