Inexpensive wall mount speakers

I have existing wall mount (surface mount, not in wall) speakers in my home. I'm looking to replace them (drivers are old). Rarely used but want something with a smaller footprint and decent ambient sound. I'll need to get 6 speakers so want to go with something that is reasonably priced. I have 2 setups for standard listening so this is not where I want to put money -- any suggestions for something that's decent?
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I'm not sure if they make them anymore but I had a pair of B&W LM-1's that were really good. They had a soft dome tweeter and didn't have the usual HF issues that most of their other speakers have. They also made them in a flat version that you can hang the wall like a picture.
It's hard to make recommendations since you do not specify what are the dimensions of your current wall-mounts. Nonetheless, the Gallo Stradas are exceptionally good speakers with a very small footprint. I doubt you'll find a smaller speaker that sounds as good or better...