Inexpensive way to test Litz wire

Electronic Goldmine has fifty feet of Litz wire for five dollers.  Fifty feet would make two cables for speakers, each 12.5 feet long.
Everything in this hobby is built to its price point. And you will get out of it exactly what you paid for it full stop.
akg_ca - 
Would that were true all the time.  I suspect there are a good number of cases where build does not reflect pricing.  Instead, with some manufacturers,  folks are paying a premium for brand name or some other "intangible" not related to build.
I used to think price paid had a direct correlation with sound quality. That is not the case. That is certainly not the case for wire/cable. Sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. Crap shoot and you have to let your own ears confirm or deny. 

Best wire I have ever owned cost me $1.40 foot. Bettered wire costing me over $20 foot. 

As speaker wire how else is there besides listening tests, what kind of testing are you talking about?

I really just want to determine if I can tell a difference sonically.  This would be system dependent and subjective at best.  I can perform a frequency response test but I suspect that any difference would be difficult to discern.  I think I can set up an impulse response test that may reveal more.