Inexpensive way to test Litz wire

Electronic Goldmine has fifty feet of Litz wire for five dollers.  Fifty feet would make two cables for speakers, each 12.5 feet long.
I used to think price paid had a direct correlation with sound quality. That is not the case. That is certainly not the case for wire/cable. Sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. Crap shoot and you have to let your own ears confirm or deny. 

Best wire I have ever owned cost me $1.40 foot. Bettered wire costing me over $20 foot. 

As speaker wire how else is there besides listening tests, what kind of testing are you talking about?

I really just want to determine if I can tell a difference sonically.  This would be system dependent and subjective at best.  I can perform a frequency response test but I suspect that any difference would be difficult to discern.  I think I can set up an impulse response test that may reveal more.