Infinity Epsilon/ Beta speakers-- Classsics???

There are a few "sale" posts on the 'GON for Infinity Epsilon and Beta speakers. I assume these are models that are over 10 years old. Need opinions and comments on their performance and compatibility with amp and speaker cable. Do they offer more than reasonable competition to some of today's hi-end speakers. Thank you!
Epsilons are still fairly recent and a good value used.
IRS Beta....I have a set and thus my opinion will be biased, however I feel a used set of Betas with the proper frontend will stand with almost any current "reference" speaker, at a fraction of the price. Good true full range speakers today are ridiculously overpriced IMHO.
The Betas can sound terrific. The best sound I got out of them was with ARC tubes on top and a QSC 3000Mx on the bottom. I used Cardas cables. Also had to refoam a woofer.

No experience with the Epsilons.

Good Luck!!
I owned a pair of Infinity RS-1b, the predecessor to the
Infinity Beta, and a friend owned a pair of Betas.

Yes, they are both classics. Each system has it's strengths
and weaknesses but on balance they are among the finest
of speakers EVER made. I sold my RS-1b's because I moved
and my present room is too small. Both systems are a
bargain on the used market, when they are available.

I can't speak to the Epsilons, I've never heard them.
I've got to go along with Jvogt, the RS1x series were quite good as well and a really silly bargain today. They're not perfect but damn close for the money. I've got to laugh today at the "dumbing down" of High-End. Case in point: Totem, sure, the little critters sound good, but most of these folks chasing the dream have never experienced a true full-range speaker, and never will at today's pricing. The big vintage Infinity RS1x and Beta not only gave you the music, but the excitement as well.
Have you ever been in a large church or hall with a pipe organ? If you have I'm sure you can relate to the feeling in your chest of the movement of air around the lower fundamentals. My Betas can reproduce that "charged air" in my living room with ease. Show me another speaker available used at around $5000 that will do the same!