Infinity Intermezzo 4.1T Towers.

Does anyone own or heard the Infinity Intermezzo 4.1t tower speakers?
They look very impressive, and there are some great close-out deals going on them.
I also read that they share alot of the technology as the top-of-the-line Infinity Preludes.
What are your impressions of these sonically?
What are there sonic strengths and weaknesses?
How do they compare with other speakers in their original [$5,000.00 per pair] price range?
Thank you for your responses.
I've had them for a year now and I still love them. Last summer I auditioned Eggleson's Rosa, B&W 803, and some VR-4's. I also ordered a pair of the 4.1t's and ended up keeping them. If you want BASS then these are not for you. In my room they go flat to 25hz with no doubling but they did not sound like the other speakers I auditioned which I suspect have mid-bass humps. The top end is not bright or with any sizzle and they were the only speakers I've heard in my price range that did not whiten the sound of brass. I suspect they might sound a little unimpressive but in the most impressive way. Soundstage and imaging are top notch. The built-in parametric eq and test kit really helped tame a room mode at 47hz in my room. Ultra fidelity and a mark of honor for Infinity. Probably the best speakers most audiophiles have turned their noses up at and disregarded because of the brand name. To sum-up: Mid-range to die for, flat frequency across the band, and lack of coloration. B&W who?
These are the last of the big time Infinities. Great bargain on the used market. Can't add much to the review above except to say that these tend to more of the solid West Coast sound as opposed to the floaty transparent East Coast sound. GREAT with tube amps, am driving mine with a Van Alstine U 70 and have no want for dynamics or volume. They do show up on the used market but not very often and I suspect that there are still many pairs in happy homes. I think that some of the ones being sold were never set up properly as the owners didn't have a clue. I helped a friend buy a pair with the matching center and the rabos disc had never been taken out of the packaging and the controls never changed.
Avoid them if you can as the coatings on the neo magnets are faulty and known to peel off in time scrapping the voice coils,this can be heard when playing piano music, i had a pair of mts preludes and had to replace many drivers over the years that i owned them and i never abused them, i take very good care of my stuff, i listened to them at very low volumes with the volume knob mostly at or below the 9 o'clock position, also spare drivers are becoming quite rare as infinity has no plans of making any more of them, so once there gone there gone for good, i have a pair of infinity renaissance 90's and never had any problems with them and when i a and b'd them next to the mts prelude there was no contest, the ren 90's sound more realistic and were designed for music only, the preludes are more for home theater, the preludes better the sound of the intermezzos, they sound very similar but the prelude is way more dynamic of a speaker.
Okeeteekid, the drivers in the Intermezzo are much different than in the Preludes. Please check your facts. Mine are going strong with zero issues and still sound wonderful, especially with piano music.


I have spoken with some of the folks at Infinity and the IM 4.1 remain one of their favorite speakers.