Infinity Irs Beta

I recently purchased a set of the Irs Betas. My system consists of a Krell Kct Preamp, Krell Kps28 CD player, Krell Fpb400 cx which I am powering the mid,high panels and using the cast interconnects between them and a Krell Ksa300 for the bass towers with the servo unit. Would tubes on the top end be a big improvement? Any folks here run tubes on their Betas and have you compared the two? It sounds wonderful as is.
What's the size room and at what level do you listen? Also, do you prefer classical (large, dramatic or small)to other types of music? I love classical and at most times the VT100 was spot on.

RWD (Rick)
Rvito, your room is considered (by me at least) moderate to large. Mine is about the same size. I had no problem driving the top end of the RS-1B's with the ARC VT100mk2. You should be fine with them. What other amps were you considering?

RWD (Rick)
I also had the LS 25mk2 (the best-not the Mk3). Wonderful. I think this would be fine.