Infinity Primus P363 TAS review

Wow REG claims these speakers are "In many fundamental ways they are in the top echelon of anything out there."....These sell for $199! He says they aren't just good for the money but good period. Anyone heard these things?
Around 2003 or so I bought the latest "cheap" Infinity speakers (don't remember the model) while I was waiting for new speakers to arrive. They had great reviews if I recall correctly. May be IL series? Not sure. Previously, I had some reference models (RS2, RS4) which were really fantastic. These speakers were not expensive and sounded natural overall, seemed to be well engineered. Anyway, thinking I would get a great speaker that "must be better" than the older RS series I was used to, I was amazed at how terrible they were. Boxy sounding and like they were out of phase. Hollow. But the RS series were great ! (you can find these on Craigslist for less than $100 - great deal). So, point is, my experience from Infinity is mixed. I have also heard a lot of their speakers from the 80s, all of which were great. So proceed with caution and listen first. I took this review with a grain of salt based on my experiences.
"I was amazed at how terrible they were. Boxy sounding and like they were out of phase."

They probably were out of phase. Did you do any troubleshooting to be sure?
Interesting comments. i look forward to the next issue of YAS as i would think readers would have comments on a review of a speaker that for less than $400 is comparable to the state of the art according to REG. I haven't heard the speaker but am kinda flabbergasted by the review.
Every company has an evolution... And as many know...Infinity was the hi end in the 70s/80s with their Emit the later part of the 80s they dumbed down their RS series...and started using the very fatiguing, polarizing Polycell tweeter...things eventually improved with the advent of their CMMD drivers, computer analysis, and the deep.pockets of HI...which is why I don't find the stellar reviews of Primus products so surprising...their Sister company happens to be Revel.
Wildoats, I don't believe REG is saying that the Infinity Primus is equal to state of the art loudspeakers. Instead he is saying that it is a very good product and deserves comparison to much more expensive loudspeakers. He emphasizes that the Primus has smooth frequency response (both on and off axis) and low THD levels. He does mention that you could spend megabucks and not get these qualities, but that does not make the Primus a state of the art design.