Infinity Primus P363 TAS review

Wow REG claims these speakers are "In many fundamental ways they are in the top echelon of anything out there."....These sell for $199! He says they aren't just good for the money but good period. Anyone heard these things?
Hi Zd542, The JBL Everest DD-67000 is retail $75,000.00, not the most costly speaker on the market, but for harmon industries, quite exspensive, you can bing search this speaker, their is a few dealer's in the u.s.a. that have them on demo, these are sold through out asia extensivily, they love them, the JBL top tier line's have been sold there a very long time before they brought these type of JBL speaker's to the u.s. market.
To be fair, I don't think I've ever seen a pair of high end JBL speakers on display in any audio store. I suspect that the main reason that most people don't talk much about them is lack of exposure. I could be mistaken, but if I recall correctly, I don't think they had them on display at any of the CES's either. If I knew they were on display somewhere, I wouldn't mind checking them out.

Yeah, they have a somewhat limited dealer network. You can get a list of dealers via the JBL Synthesis website. Make sure it's a dealer who has a storefront and not some home installer guy working out of a little office in an industrial park. I made that mistake, and the deal did not go smoothly, but the upshot was the speakers arrived in good condition.

As far as CES goes, yes they (Harman) have had them on active display since at least 2011 @ The Venetian and other hotels such as the Hard Rock, which is where they were at this year. I have heard the 1400 Arrays, S4700s, and Everests at CES. They have also displayed at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

So, there you go. I hope you get the opportunity to check them out!
My reading of the review makes me think that REG does think the Infinities compete with mega bucks speakers. That's why I was amazed by the review.
A similar speaker in the Harman lineup is the JBL L890. I have a pair which I used fom '07-'12. I can safely say that it punched way above its weight when driven by Bryston amp and preamp. I got the pair for $800. You still might be able to get them at that price. I haven't checked lately. I'd love to hear a shoot-out between the Infinities and the JBLs. I imagine they could be similar, but who knows at this point?
These were on sale for one day on Amazon for $100 each with free shipping. I bought two pair. I'm going to use them for home theater.