Infinity RS-II vs. Klipsch RP-5

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Infinity RS-II tower speakers??

I just came across a once in a life time deal, and these speakers are part of the package. I would simply try them out myself, but considering I live on the second floor in a condo and they weigh ~100lbs each I would prefer just to move them only once (ie sell them, and deliver to someone else's home)

My musical sources are all digital flac or apple lossless, and genre ranges from classical to classic rock to the occasional hip-hop or reggae.

If it helps, here are my components:
digital source 24/96 --> Monarchy DIP Upsampler -----> Emotiva XDA-1 DAC -----> AES AE-3 tube preamp ---> Mcintosh MC2125

Any thoughts or recommendations?? THANKS!!
Side note - if I were to sell these, does anyone have an estimate on their value?

They are in excellent condition and had the woofers professionally replaced a few years ago...just a ballpark price, bc I have no clue what they are worth...
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Great info, thanks!

So, the exact model of these speakers is "Infinity RS II A & B", does that mean I have the RSIIa you mentioned?
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Very helpful thanks! Is there any way to distinguish if I have a or b (assuming it's one of the 2)?
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Again, very helpful! Thanks!!

I should have mentioned earlier - even though I haven't seen the speakers in person yet to apply all the information you provided, I do know when the guy bought these in the early 80's they retailed for $2,000 a pair.

With that price in mind, which model would you speculate them to be? If you think you may know, what do you think they would be worth in today's market? (just a ball park idea)

Thanks again Elizabeth!
I just re-read your original answer with price estimates. Considering you said the RSII went for $1,500 and this guy got them on sale from $2000 down to a $1000 for the pair, I think that's the answer - RSII

To expand on my question about their value today - he also had the subs professionally replaced in the last year. Do you have any thoughts on their value IF they were replaced with original equipment versus cones from some other company?

Thank you again for your input!
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