Infinity RS1B ? Buy or runaway

I have an opportunity to buy a set of RS1B in excellent condition. They have been well taken care of and are very close to home. Years ago at a Stereophile show, I heard them, wow! The sound and their presence were fantastic! My fear is that like a lot of other things I look back on and lust after look ALOT greater in my memory than they actually perform. Given my current set up and room, I wanted to get some opinions about buying. Or will I be disappointed, maybe due to equipment or the room limitations? I don't think I would get rid of the Apogees unless the RS1B's surpass them in sound quality. Very nervous laying out over 4k for something that won't move quickly if I end up not enjoying them.
My room dimensions are 13' 9" X 25' (Converted garage)
All equipment is located on the front (13' 9") wall with an entry door at the front right corner. Listening position is approximately 13' from the front wall
Current equipment
Rotel RSX1067 ( for HT)
Audio Research SP4 (lightly modded)
Audire Forte amps x 2 (bi-amp)
Apogee Caliper Signatures
McIntosh MVP891

$4000 is too much. I bought a mint pair from Brooks Berdan in the late-90's for $2000.
I had the RS1-B(s) for a number of years. They were interesting with respect to their sonic and visual impact in a room. I used both solid state and/or tube electronics. I did some tweaking which made a positive difference. Since then I have had a few other speakers and currently have found my final set in the Dunlavy SC-5(s). The difference between the older RS1-B(s) and the Dunlavy(s), is at least an order of magnitude.

There are many really fine speakers out there in this price range which are much better in virtually every way. My advice is to take the time to get acquainted with newer high end speakers and buy used. There's lots of good guidance found on this website.
I feel that Infinity is generally higher quality than most of Polk's stuff of recent decades, at least to my ears.  But, spend more, even on used higher quality gear.  In the end you will be happier, while having spent a little more once or twice, instead of much more over several purchases.  I wish I had been given that advice many years ago.  Save up.  Don't settle too easily, even though we all balance quality with budget, unless we are rich.  In the end, settling to easily is a waste of money, and enjoyment.  My hearing is not that good, especially in one ear.  I was actually prescribed hearing aids, and I really need them in some situations.  Too much loud construction work, and a terrible ear infection when I was a kid.  I can't express how much quality sound means to me.  I would not waste another minute listening to a low-quality system, and you will regret doing so if you settle too easily.  I read books for the quality of the writing, not just the story, and I listen to music for the quality of the sound, not just the melody.
Realize that when you first heard the RS1B’s they were in new condition and likely demo’ed under optimal conditions by Stereophile, ie. room and equipment.

The RS1B’s were introduced in 1982 so even if all the drivers are in perfect condition, the internal capacitor components and servo internals are now over 35 years old. Infinity used LOTS of electrolytic capacitors in ALL their speakers which after 35 years need replacing. Do you know if someone has already refurbished the speakers? If so, I would view that as a NEGATIVE not a positive because you never know what exactly was done, right or wrong.

You don’t just buy Infinity vintage speakers like these, you marry or adopt them. Are you up to that?

And finally, in the research I did on vintage Infinities I noticed a lot of lukewarm comments on the RS1B’s because generally they were not held in very high regard compared to the other models in the upper end of the Infinity line.

If you want to go vintage Infinity that are not too old, have outstanding sound, with readily available parts and are easy to flip if/when you want to sell them I would start searching for Infinity Renaissance 90’s. They are probably the best Infinity bang for the buck. Want to go higher end and still have the Infinity sound? Then I would recommend jumping up into the Genesis Speaker line which Arnie Nudell formed after he sold Infinity so Genesis also has that big open Infinity Sound. Only downside is everyone knows this so prices are much higher.